How Long Does USPS Hold an Undelivered Package?

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United States Postal Service (USPS) is the most reliable source when it comes to delivering packages. A postal worker works hard to deliver the important packages to its customers. However, there are few situations when a postal worker has to hold the package. For an instance, if the size of the mail item exceeds the size of the mailbox and nobody is available there to receive the package. In such as situation, a postal worker cannot leave the package at the door or near the mailbox as per the USPS guidelines. Instead, a redelivery attempt is made the next day to deliver the package in the right condition to the right recipient.

How Long Does USPS Hold an Undelivered Package?

As mentioned above that if a package size is more than the mailbox, or a package requires a signature. Then a postal worker will knock the door of the addressee. If there is no response that a postal worker left with two options:

  1. He may take the package and attempt a redelivery on the next day.
  2. He may leave an official PS Form 3849, known as Delivery Notice.

There are high chances that a worker will take the package back to the post office and will attempt a redelivery on the next day. If the second attempt doesn’t work then the postal worker left with only one option i.e. leave a PS Form 3849.

A customer can fill the PS Form 3849 to request a redelivery, make sure to fill the form correctly with appropriate information and then leave the form in a mailbox. The signature on the form authorizes the postal worker to leave the package if there is no response. A customer can also schedule a redelivery online or by calling the customer support.

What if a package requires a signature for delivery? In this case, the customer has to request a redelivery and then available to receive the package on the day of delivery. Or else, pick the item at the post office where the package is held. Post Office held packages for not more than 15 days, if the addressee does not claim the package within these 15 days, then the package is returned to the sender.

Also, note that 15 days hold period starts from the day of the first delivery attempt. If you’ve received a PS Form 3849 then make sure to fill it and take immediate action within 15 days to receive your important mail item or package.

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