How to: Refuse USPS Mail & Package Shipment

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If you have such questions in mind i.e. How to refuse USPS mail? or What to do if I receive a wrong shipment? or What to do if my shipment is delivered to wrong address? then check out the information shared below to find the answers.

If you want to refuse a USPS mail package shipment due to any possible reasons such as you received a wrong shipment, or the shipment does not below to you etc, then you have two possible options to refuse the USPS shipment. Check out the options from below.

How to Refuse USPS Mail & Package Shipment

If you want to refuse a USPS mail shipment, then you are left with following two option,

Option 1: Refusal at the time of Delivery

You can refuse to receive the shipment when the postmaster at your door. If the shipment doesn’t belong to you then simply refuse it at the time of delivery only.

Option 2: Refusal After the Delivery

What is if I received a wrong delivery, Can I refuse it after delivery? Yes, you can but there are few things you need to take care of.

There is also an option to refuse the shipment after the delivery. For that, you need to write “Refused” and return that mail shipment within a reasonable time. Make sure that piece of mail or attachment is not opened. If you’ve opened the mail or attachment then you cannot refuse it. You can only Refuse Unopened mail. If you open the mail then you cannot refuse it since the Postal Service won’t take it.

Here is a sample of “Refused” mail shipment after delivery.

Refuse USPS Mail, How to Refuse USPS Mail

Is there any postage fee to refuse the Shipment after delivery?

It’s free, but for certain items, you have to pay the postage free, The following may not be refused and refused postage free after delivery.

  • Pieces sent as Registered Mail, Certified Mail, insured, collect on delivery (COD), Adult Signature and return receipt for merchandise.
  • Response mail to the addressee’s sales promotion, announcement, solicitation, or other advertisements that were not denied when offered to the addressee.

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