How to Track a Package Without Tracking Number

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Most of the shipping companies be it USPS, UPS, FedEx, and other provides a service called “Tracking” through which a user can track the delivery status of his/ her mail item, package or any other parcel. A unique number called tracking number is allotted to each and every package which is used by customers to track their packages or receive automated delivery notifications. Now the question is whether it is possible to track a package without a tracking number. The answer is No, you cannot track a package without a tracking number. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to locate a missing package.

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Now let’s see what are the ways through which you can locate a missing package. However, these ways don’t provide any guarantee of tracking, but you can give them a try to locate or track a package or any other mail parcel.

Insured Packages

If your package is insured then there you must have received an insurance number which is kind of similar to USPS tracking numbers. The insurance number is a unique one and can be used to locate the package.

Contact the Post Office

Contact the Post Office where you sent the package. You need to provide some general information such as the address where the package is going to and the sender’s address so that the clerk would be able to see if the package has reached the post office or not.

Place Addresses Inside Parcel

Make sure to place your address and the recipient’s address inside your package. It happens sometimes that package gets damaged during shipping and if the address on the package is not readable or damaged then the package will be undeliverable and nonreturnable. That’s why it is advised to place the identifying information inside the box will help ensure delivery.

Find Tracking Number

If you have a tracking number then it becomes very easy to locate the package. Tracking is completely free, all you need is a tracking number. If you cannot find a tracking number then check this to know where you can find it. Just in case, if you have lost your tracking number then check to know what to do next.

If you’ve any query or question related to the tracking number, then do let us know through the comment section. Keep checking this space for more useful information about USPS, UPS, and FedEx tracking.

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