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USPS No Mail Delivery: If you haven’t received your mail piece yet, then you might be wondering what are the reasons behind no delivery of mail. There are many reasons, conditions or events that may have prevented the delivery of mail. Following may be the reasons;

  • Dogs on the premises
  • Weather Conditions
  • Full Mailbox
  • Blocked Mailbox
  • Travel Obstructions

What are the Reasons for No Delivery of USPS Mail?

Let’s understand these reasons in further details;

1) Dogs on the Premises

Apart from providing consistent and reliable mail service. Safety of an employee is the major concern for the USPS and if there is an immediate threat due to loose animals then the delivery service may be suspended.

Note: As per the data available from, every year USPS employees sustain more than 5,000 painful dog-bite injuries which cost medical treatment and loss time as well. The annual estimated cost of these injuries is more than one million dollars.

This could be the reason for no delivery of mail if you have a loose animal at your premises. So it is advised that you must confine dogs during the delivery hours. The delivery service will resume as soon as the USPS is confident that animal is no longer a threat.

2) Bad Weather Conditions

Bad or hazardous weather conditions is one of the main reasons for no delivery of mail. A mail service may be delayed whenever there is a hazardous weather conditions. As mentioned earlier that USPS takes safety of their employees very seriously. It is requested that people also understand this concern and remain patient as USPS will deliver the package whenever the weather conditions get better.

USPS Service Alerts:

3) Blocked Mailbox

It is required that there should be a proper access to the mail receptacles. The delivery of mail may be suspended if there is no proper access. Proper access includes the removal of accumulated snow from the area around curb line receptacles and from sidewalks leading to door or other house. The delivery of mail may also be prevented due to blockage by a vehicle.

If accumulated snow, a vehicle, or any other blockage are the reasons that prevent the letter carrier from reaching the mailbox, then here are few alternatives;

  • Arrange for a neighbour to receive your mail.
  • Put up a suitable temporary mailbox (for example, a sturdy box).
  • Meet the carrier at your box.
  • Pick up your mail at the Post Office.

Your postmaster will be pleased to discuss these alternatives so that you may select the one most convenient for you.

4) Full Mailbox

If a letter carrier finds that a mailbox is full or no more space for the current mail piece then in such a situation a letter carrier will try to deliver the mail piece to the customer itself. If it is found that the customer is no longer lives at that location then the mail will be brought back to the post office and returned to sender identified as “vacant property”. If it is found that the customer still lives at the location but not available at the moment then a PS Form 3849 will be placed in the mail receptacle and the mail piece will be brought back to the office and handled as “Hold Mail” for 10 days.

5) Travel Obstructions

The delivery of mail may be obstructed due to the bad road conditions. Make sure to notify the road maintenance department to make the repairs.

You can fix these issues to receive your mail piece or packages. We hope this information is useful for you. Share this site with other people as well who use USPS services. Leave a comment below if you have any query or question related to USPS.

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