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What is USPS Redelivery?

If the Postal Service is not able to deliver a mail piece, package, or any Extra Service item the first time due to any possible reason then the process of redelivery came into existence.

Redelivery is an order you place to get your mail item delivered again in the event the first delivery attempt was not successful. So, Redelivery takes place AFTER the initial delivery attempt.

If you’re not available to receive a delivery, then a letter carrier will not deliver an item to you where:

  • A Postage fee or receiver signature is needed,
  • The size of the mail item is larger than the mail receptacle,
  • The mail item cannot be left in a secure place.

In such a situation, you’ll receive a PS Form 3849 – Delivery Notice/Reminder/Receipt

What to Do after receiving PS Form 3849?

You can schedule a redelivery, but first, you need to check out whether redelivery service is available in your postal area or not. Currently, this service is available in many areas nationwide. Visit Redelivery Service Online Page where you need to enter your contact information to “Check Availability”.

For same day redelivery, make sure your request is submitted by 2 AM CST Monday – Saturday.

Is there any cost for Redelivery Service?

Redelivery service is available at no charge.

Can Someone else Schedule & Accept a Redelivery on my Behalf?

This is the most common asked regarding Redelivery. The answer is Yes, read the information shared below for complete understanding. Two options are there, pick anyone as per your convenience.

Residential Redelivery

  • Under this, any responsible member of the addressee’s family can schedule & accept a redelivery.
  • Also, you can authorize a specific individual to pick up your mail item on your behalf. Fill a Standard Delivery Order PS Form 3801 to allow a specific person pick up on your behalf. That person has to provide acceptable identification to accept mail item.

Business Redelivery

To accept a business redelivery, an employee has to provide all the required redelivery information for the business along with acceptable identification.

The mail item can be delivered only to the address listed on the mailpiece. The addressee or authorized must be present there to sign for the accountable mail. Note that, items that are insured for more than $500 require a signature.

Note: If an authorized person comes to the Post Office to pick up a mail item, then he/ she should come up with proper ID.

Now the question is, how to schedule a redelivery? or What is the best possible method to schedule a redelivery?

How to Schedule a USPS Redelivery?

  • Online Method
  • Post Office
  • By Phone

Online (through

Before proceeding, make sure you have USPS Tracking/ article number, check the peach colored PS Form 3849 that you received.

For the same day redelivery, you need to submit the request by 2 AM CST Monday through Saturday.

Use any of the following tools to request a redelivery:

USPS Redelivery, USPS Redelivery

  • USPS Tracking Tool: Visit, the following page will open, enter the tracking/ article number to check the redelivery eligibility of your mail item. If the item is eligible, then you get a “Redelivery” option on the right side of the screen under “Available Actions”.

Online Confirmation: If your online request has been accepted then a confirmation page with a confirmation number will appear on your screen. Take a printout out of the confirmation page or take a screenshot of the page or simply note the confirmation number and have it for future reference. Also, an email with a confirmation number will be sent to you after the acceptance of your request.

Post Office (PS Form 3849)

Fill out the back of PS Form 3849 as follows for unaccountable mail items i.e. if a mail does not require any signature.

Please read the information on the screenshot:

By Phone:

Check out the tracking number from the peach-colored PS Form 3849, that was left in your mail receptacle. Make a call at 1-800-ASK-USPS® (1-800-275-8777).

Customer Service representatives are available as follows:

  • Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. ET
  • Saturday: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET
  • Sundays: Closed
  • Holidays: Closed [When are Postal Holidays?]

If you lost your tracking number then simply make a visit to your local post office with a valid ID to pick up your mail item. Or ask the customer representative to send a notification to your Post Office to redeliver the item.

Can I Change or Chancel a Redelivery Request?

Online: Visit this Link, the following page will appear on your screen. There is an option to “Edit an existing redelivery address”. Click on that option and enter your “Confirmation Number”, “Email or Phone Number” to make changes in the redelivery address.

USPS Redelivery, USPS Redelivery Process

By Phone: To change or cancel your Redelivery order, you can also call at 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777). Make sure you have redelivery confirmation number.

Visit Post Office: At any time prior to your scheduled Redelivery, as long as you have not ordered your item to be redelivered. Make a visit to your nearest Post Office with Redelivery Notice and a photo ID and pick up your held mail. This will cancel your scheduled Redelivery.

More Information:

We hope that you get enough information related to USPS Redelivery process. If anything left or you want to add more information then please leave a comment below. Your feedback is valuable and helps us improve for better. Keep checking this site for more information related to US Postal Service.

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